Brummies Community Award October 2016

It was some weeks after appearing on stage at the 'Not Just Jazz Concert' when a call came through from a lady, name unknown,  who asked more about the Memorial Project.  She was very impressed with our delivery about the project to erect a legacy memorial for fallen Caribbean heroes in the National Memorial Arboretun Staffordshire. She stated that she was going to enter our story in Birmingham Evening Mail Brummies Award ocmpetition which she did using my name as the lead person.

About two weeks later I had a call from BBC West Midlands Radio telling me that our entry made the top five. That was certainly a surprise to me, especially as I was invited to a live radio interview to speak on behalfof the project. There were a total of two such interviews for the public and judging panel to make their choice from to choose the ultimate winner.  Although the story of the Project was not the winner on this occassion, making the top five of hundreds of applicants seemed like winning anyway.                  

It did not end there as all entrants who made the top five were given free tickets to the Brummies Award, Town Hall, Birmingham, including 50% discounted tickets to invite others to the event. A total of 10 members of the Memorial Project, from London, Buckingham and the Midlands, attended the event who thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.


                                     Memorial Project Members at the Brummies Award

 The event, which was well attended, proved to be very inspirational. There were many winners from various categories who deserved high praise indeed.  Their efforts, endeavour and perseverance was a shining example to all of that we should never give up on our dreams and passion, however hard it may seem along the way.

                 Memorial Project Members accompanied by a producer from BBC WM

The Producer from BBC WM who was instrumental in conducting the live radion interview made it her business to check us out at the Award ceremony which was much appreciated.

Blog by Don Campbell