TNCMC Medal Competition in Association with Wolverhampton University. 

Photo left to right: Jatinder Ghataora, TNCMC Member, Prof Martin Levermore, TNCMC Patron & Member, Dr Josh Johnson, TNCMC Ambassador & Member, Donald Campbell, TNCMC Chair & Member, Scot Knight, University Staff and Maggie Ayliffe, Head of Wolverhampton University Art Department.

There was a meeting today 4th March 2020 at Wolverhampton University as an update on the medal competition. 
As stated in past communications, including the Minutes of our Members meeting, the Art Department of Wolverhampton University is undertaking a medal competition in collaboration with TNCMC. 
The idea was initiated after Jatinder Ghataora, currently in his 2nd year Degree as an Illustration Student at Wolverhampton University, designed a Poppy Flower in representation of British Caribbean Islands Service Personnel which ultimately lead to this medal competition. 
The competition has started and is progressing very well. It is proposed that the competition is completed by the end of April. 
A limited edition of the winning medal will be made for promotion and fundraising in support of TNCMC. 

Blog by Don Campbell